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Horangi Cyber Security is a Singapore-based CREST-accredited company backed by a team of global cyber security experts in Asia and trusted by Industry Leaders such as GOJEK, MoneySmart, PropertyGuru and Tiket.com.

Founded by ex-Palantir cybersecurity experts Paul Hadjy and Lee Sult in 2016, Horangi Cyber Security offers the latest in product innovation and technology to protect organizations.

Young, smart, and fast-moving

Tigers are located around the globe, and we are still growing. We work hard to make sure everyone at Horangi has the support they need to thrive. Join us and do the best work of your life.


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Tigers Around The World

Horangi’s integrated cyber security platform is built to comprehensively secure organizations of all sizes with enterprise-grade technology in the cloud.

The all-in-one platform provides unparalleled visibility on an organization’s security posture with direct integration to Horangi’s Cyber Operations team, who are ready to deploy from 7 offices globally.

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