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A Look At 2019 As We Step Into The New Year

Horangi retraces an incredibly rewarding 2019 as we relive the milestones that propel our growth as Asia’s top cybersecurity company.

Horangi Launches Warden — Our First Cloud Security Product

Warden’s progress since the initial launch in April 2019 has been nothing short of spectacular. Within months, Warden was listed on AWS Marketplace as a premier cloud security posture management tool. Loved by our customers like Detrack and Zave, Warden today has more than 145 security rules and recently added significant regulatory compliance checks specific to both Singapore FinTech organizations (eg. MAS Technology Risk Management) and regulated organizations around the world.

To date, Warden has done over 3200 scans and will continue to see tremendous growth.

The Biggest Cybersecurity and Tech Events in Asia

From Singapore and Jakarta to Hong Kong and Thailand, the Horangi Tigers joined significant events in the region to share our innovation from both a product and services front. Just recently, Horangi also launched its very own Ask A CISO podcast, and also held our first ASEAN FinTech Security & Compliance Snapshot in conjunction with AWS.

Recapping the big 2019 events that saw Horangi’s participation:

Here’s To Another Year Worth Celebrating

Besides key additions to the Horangi leadership in Mike Leyden, VP, Revenue, and Steve Surdu, Senior Advisor, Horangi found time to celebrate the successes in our Halloween and End-of-Year parties.

Above all, I want to thank all our customers and partners who have stayed with us as we moved from strength to strength. We couldn’t have had such a 2019 without you, and we look forward to greater successes together with you!

Paul Hadjy
Paul Hadjy

Paul is a technology visionary working across the US, Middle East, Singapore, Korea, and New Zealand to build business in both the private and public sectors. Paul spent over 6 years at Palantir and was the Head of Information Security at Grab.

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