15 April Webinar: Horangi Director of Cloud Security Engineering presents Tackling The Biggest Blind Spots In Cloud Security

Ask A CISO Ep. 02: Bend Your Security Tools To Your Business Goals

From the need to format disparate data and manage data discrepancies and false positives, the inundation of poorly managed security tools is a common problem across tech organizations. So how can organizations take a different approach?

Are your security tools slowing down your innovation?

The multitude of disparate security tools in an organization’s software inventory can be exhausting to deal with. How does the Storyfier platform help Horangi’s customers solve this problem?

On the second episode of Ask A CISO Podcast, join me as I go deep into the common challenges that tech organizations deal with, and how our risk-based methodology helps to to diffuse the complexity brought about by multiple technology tools.

Paul Hadjy
Paul Hadjy

Paul is a technology visionary working across the US, Middle East, Singapore, Korea, and New Zealand to build business in both the private and public sectors. Paul spent over 6 years at Palantir and was the Head of Information Security at Grab.

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