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Sheran Gunasekera On His New Book: Android Apps Security (Ask A CISO Ep. 08)

In this episode of Ask A CISO, Paul Hadjy interviews author of Android Apps Security Sheran Gunasekera to find out more about his new book that shows you how to best design and develop Android apps with security in mind.

About Sheran Gunasekera

Sheran is the Director of R&D and co-founder of Madison Technologies where he spends most of his time researching mobile malware, security and forensic analysis techniques. In between bouts of bricking mobile devices, Sheran comes up with occasional, mildly interesting research topics. Sheran is also co-founder for a bug bounty platform called RedStorm. He was the founding CTO and CISO for Gojek in Indonesia. A ride-sharing startup currently valued at over 10 billion dollars. He spends his days advising and training the in-house developer teams on information security. He lives in Singapore with his wife, daughter, and two dogs.

About Android Apps Security: Mitigate Hacking Attacks and Security Breaches

Gain the information you need to design secure, useful, high-performing apps that expose end-users to as little risk as possible. This book shows you how to best design and develop Android apps with security in mind: explore concepts that you can use to secure apps and how you can use and incorporate these security features into your apps.

What You Will Learn

  • Identify data that should be secured
  • Use the Android APIs to ensure confidentiality and integrity of data
  • Build secure apps for the enterprise
  • Implement Public Key Infrastructure and encryption APIs in apps
  • Master owners, access control lists, and permissions to allow user control over app properties Manage authentication, transport layer encryption, and server-side security

Who This Book Is For

Experienced Android app developers.

Purchase the book on Amazon here.

Vada Lim
Vada Lim

Vada Lim is the Creative Designer at Horangi.

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