Bitdefender Completes Acquisition of Horangi Cyber Security


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Hana Fadillah

Hana Fadillah is a Product Manager at Horangi and a Cybersecurity Evangelist. She is actively involved with 'Women in Product' in Asia and is passionate about preparing elderly to embrace infocomm technology to connect better with the community and to take part in the opportunities for the digital economy.

Cloud Security

Horangi Warden Now Includes Support for Microsoft Azure Cloud

Hana Fadillah . Jul 27 2021
Cloud Security

SOC 2, The New Compliance Standard on Horangi Warden

Hana Fadillah . Jun 24 2021
Cloud Security

MAS - TRM 2021 Compliance Updates on Horangi Warden

Hana Fadillah . Apr 21 2021
Cloud Security

Compliance with APRA CPS 234: Our Latest Addition to Compliance Standards on Horangi Warden 

Hana Fadillah . Mar 23 2021