Horangi Warden Named a Leader in G2 Winter 2023 Grid Reports in Cloud Security


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Isaiah Chua

Isaiah Chua is a Content Marketing Manager at Horangi who loves talking about technology, cybersecurity, and content marketing. He's an avid reader who can't get by a day without good music and gallons of coffee.


Cybersecurity Risks and Business Context

Isaiah Chua . Feb 1 2023

ChatGPT: A Boon Or Bane for Cybersecurity?

Isaiah Chua . Jan 19 2023
Cloud Security

What is the Zero Trust Model? Is it the same as the Privilege of Least Privilege?

Isaiah Chua . Oct 5 2022

The Cybersecurity Landscape in Hong Kong

Isaiah Chua . Jun 1 2022

What Is PCI DSS 4.0 And How To Make Your Compliance Journey Easier?

Isaiah Chua . May 20 2022
Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity Awareness for Small Businesses

Isaiah Chua . Apr 14 2022
Cybersecurity Strategy

5 Quick Actions You Can Do Now to Improve Your Third-Party Security

Isaiah Chua . Mar 31 2022
Cyber Threats

Killware: Malware That's Lethal

Isaiah Chua . Mar 4 2022
Cloud Security

4 Ways To Protect Your Organization From Increasing Insider Threats And Ransomware

Isaiah Chua . Feb 25 2022
Cyber Threats

Real Life Examples of Web Vulnerabilities (OWASP Top 10)

Isaiah Chua . Jan 4 2022
Release Notes

Log4j2 Vulnerability: Horangi Is Here To Help With New And Updated Warden Rules

Isaiah Chua . Jan 3 2022

Starting On Your ISO 27001 Certification Journey, And A Protip On Getting Certified! (Ask A CISO Ep. 10)

Isaiah Chua . Oct 27 2021

The Current State Of Ransomware in APAC

Isaiah Chua . Oct 20 2021

Horangi Named A Partner For the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore’s New SG Cyber Safe Partnership Programme

Isaiah Chua . Oct 11 2021
Crypto Security

Phishing and Scamming Techniques for Cryptocurrencies

Isaiah Chua . Apr 1 2021