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Johnson Thiang

Johnson Thiang Bio

Johnson is an experienced security consultant specialized in conducting security assessments such as web/network/thick-client/mobile penetration testing as well as exploiting human weakness. He enjoys sports, robotics and anything related to technology in his free time. He holds the following certifications: (1) GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN), (2) Offensive Security Certified Professional

Release Notes

New Cloud Compliance Standard: NIST 800-53 Rev 5 is Now Available on Warden 

Johnson Thiang . Apr 17 2023
Release Notes

Indonesia's ‘Personal Data Protection Bill’ is Now Available on Horangi Warden in Bahasa

Johnson Thiang . Feb 23 2023
Release Notes

New Compliance Standards including CCM, Korean ISMS-P, Thailand BOT, and more now Available on Horangi Warden

Johnson Thiang . Oct 18 2022
Release Notes

All-New Compliance Standards for Amazon AWS, Huawei Cloud & Microsoft Azure in Horangi Warden

Johnson Thiang . Jan 12 2022
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Johnson Thiang . Aug 26 2019
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Johnson Thiang . Jul 30 2019
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Truth Behind The Fan

Johnson Thiang . Jul 6 2018
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AutoSploit: More harm or good for pentesting?

Johnson Thiang . Feb 23 2018