Mark Anthony Fuentes

Mark Anthony Fuentes

Mark Fuentes has over a decade of experience in the cyber security field highlighted by roles in organizations such as Verizon, The International Monetary Fund, and The United States Department of Homeland Security. Mark is an avid consumer of technology trends and threat intelligence and seeks out new applications of tech and research to combat cyber crime.

Cyber Threats

A Brief History of Ransomware

Mark Anthony FuentesSep 27, 2019
Cyber Threats

What Is A Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attack?

Mark Anthony FuentesSep 13, 2019
Cyber Strategy

Introducing the Ask A CISO Podcast! Tune In To The Data Privacy Pilot.

Mark Anthony FuentesSep 12, 2019

Cyber Security Strategy: A Crash Course

Mark Anthony FuentesAug 10, 2018

Seeing the Forest through the Trees:  Adopting a Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

Mark Anthony FuentesMay 25, 2018