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Mito Ye

Mito is a Product Manager at Horangi for Warden IAM. She is passionate about building a safer cyberspace by helping businesses adopt least-privilege principle in their identity and access management.

Cloud Security

Warden IAM Asset Inventory to Discover & Flag Critical Resources in a Single Click

Mito Ye . May 5 2022
Cloud Security

Start Rightsizing Your Excessive Permissions Today with Warden IAM

Mito Ye . Mar 17 2022
Cloud Security

Supercharge Your Cloud Security: All-You-Need to Know Warden IAM Updates

Mito Ye . Oct 1 2021
Release Notes

How to Investigate Access Paths with Warden IAM Graph Visualization

Mito Ye . Aug 17 2021
Cloud Security

Eliminate IAM Security Risks With Warden Privilege Access Flagging

Mito Ye . Jul 19 2021
Cloud Security

Identity & Access Management & Why You Need It (Part 2)

Mito Ye . Jun 7 2021
Cloud Security

Do You Know Who IAM? Identity & Access Management & Why You Need It

Mito Ye . Apr 19 2021