Samantha Cruz

Samantha Cruz

Samantha Cruz is a Cyber Operations Researcher at Horangi specializing in cyber research and security tool development. Before joining Horangi, she has worked for Trend Micro as a security analyst and engineer.


The Real Cost of Cloud Compliance (or Lack of It)

Samantha CruzNov 08, 2019
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August–September 2019 Release Notes: Vulnerability Management Beta

Samantha CruzSep 24, 2019
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Code Scanner Now Detects Exposed Secrets — Storyfier July 2019 Release Notes

Samantha CruzAug 14, 2019
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Storyfier Now Integrated With Slack — Release Notes: June 2019

Samantha CruzJul 09, 2019
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Release Notes: May Updates

Samantha CruzJun 07, 2019
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Release Notes: Storyfier Updates

Samantha CruzApr 17, 2019

How to lose money to (credential) stocking stuffers

Samantha CruzDec 14, 2018

Hash Lookup Using FileIntel

Samantha CruzJun 08, 2018

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Samantha CruzJun 01, 2018

Protecting Yourself from Social Engineering Attacks

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