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Horangi and GCC empower the next generation of security talent

From supporting South Korea’s Best of the Best (BoB) program to Taiwan’s Advanced Information Summer Security School (AIS3), Horangi is deeply involved with nurturing the future generation of cybersecurity leaders.

A Recap: GCC Tokyo 2020

In February 2020, Horangi joined the Global Cybersecurity Camp (GCC) in Tokyo. GCC aims to provide cybersecurity students from different cultures all over the world a platform to exchange their research and knowledge. Hosted by Security Camp, GCC Tokyo 2020 was a 7-day event that was led by trainers from industry leaders such as Horangi. 

Besides getting to network with the other bright minds in cybersecurity, students got to learn from the best about advanced security topics including machine learning, incident response, and OSINT — short for Open-source Intelligence. I was part of the GCC team of organizers, which featured trainers and distinguished speakers such as NTT Secure Platform Laboratories Security Researcher Yuma Kurogome and CTO and Co-Founder Clarence Chio.

GCC Presentation Nikolay Akatyev

The Importance of Talent Development

For companies and governments to continuously secure cyberspace from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, they need to ensure a robust cybersecurity talent development program across the world. This is the reason for talent growth-focused communities such as GCC and South Korea’s Best of the Best (BoB). 

Horangi shares in the global commitment to nurturing the next generation of cybersecurity talent. Besides supporting GCC in Tokyo, I am also a regular Digital Forensics trainer at BoB and Taiwan’s Advanced Information Summer Security School (AIS3), as well as a crew member at Singapore’s Div0. 

Horangi leverages these platforms to share about the founding story of Horangi and the tough, evolving security problems that we’ve been solving from the onset of the careers of our founders Paul Hadjy and Lee Sult. By investing in the future, we see that this healthy, growing ecosystem will pay dividends in the long run. 

GCC Tokyo Group Shot

Beyond GCC Tokyo 2020

GCC continues beyond week-long annual events, and it is about building a community among international students, academia, and industry professionals. Alumnus stay connected to initiate new research, volunteer to be trainers, and participate in Capture The Flags (CTF).

Horangi’s devotion to building up the cybersecurity talent for the future also extends to communities around Asia. For instance, just last year, Horangi Chief of Staff to the CTO Quan Heng Lim joined GCC 2019 in Seoul. 

Horangi was founded to provide the market with innovative security solutions in the light of the cybersecurity talent deficit, and helping to nurture talent will always be something we invest in.

If you are a cybersecurity student looking to join this global community, stay tuned for upcoming events in Taiwan (2021) and Singapore (2022). And if you want a new challenge in a fast-moving industry — even if it is an internship or project, be sure to visit the Horangi careers page to see our available positions.

Nikolay Akatyev

As the Vice President of Internal Security & IT, Nikolay drives the internal machine that powers Horangi's efforts in contributing to a safer cyberspace. He is a regular speaker and contributor in the international cybersecurity community, from Asia to the Carribean.

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