Horangi CEO & Co-Founder Paul Hadjy Featured On ScaleUp Valley Podcast

I’m honored to have been able to join Mike Dias, the Co-founder & CEO of ScaleUp Valley, in the self-titled podcast to kick off the year. In the session, we discussed the importance of focus and strategic hiring in the growth of any budding business as I share the lessons from my entrepreneurial journey.

Paul HadjyBy: Paul Hadjy, Jan 24, 2020

ScaleUp Valley Podcast, the podcast that helps businesses scale from $2 million to $100 million, recently had me on air for me to share the learnings from my entrepreneurial journey before Horangi to where the company is today.

We covered a breadth of very interesting topics in the session, from the importance of business focus to the intricacies of building a long-lasting cybersecurity brand. Some highlights from the podcast:

  • Founding of the company (0:42)
  • Why we built our products and services (2:30)
  • State of the company (4:10)
  • How I look at scaling the business (8:40)
  • Saying “no” and focusing on verticals (12:27)
  • Balancing responsibilities with a capable leadership team (17:00)
  • Driving effective meetings across cultures (24:15)
  • Decision-making during wartime (27:00)
  • Horangi as it looks to the next phase of growth (32:30)
  • Building strong customer relationships (36:15)

Do tune in to the podcast for more details on the lessons I’ve learned as a new CEO. I hope what I’ve shared will be helpful, whether you’re looking to scale your business or just want some personal insights into the startup journey.

Paul Hadjy
By: Paul Hadjy, Jan 24, 2020

Paul is a technology visionary working across the US, Middle East, Singapore, Korea, and New Zealand to build business in both the private and public sectors. Paul spent over 6 years at Palantir and was the Head of Information Security at Grab.


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