Customer Story: How Does Zave Stay Continuously Compliant With ISO 27001?
Cybersecurity Strategy

Work-From-Home Cybersecurity Explained: Best Practices for Telecommuting [Infographic]

How can hackers exploit work-from-home vulnerabilities? What impact do the new Work-From-Home arrangements have on vulnerability to cyber threats on an organizational and individual level? Learn how to protect yourself and your company's critical assets.

Cheng Lai Ki . May 22 2020


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Ask A CISO Ep. 05 — Compliance In The Big Durian: Indonesia's 2020 Regulatory Landscape

Yang Teo . Jun 3 2020
Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity In The Time Of COVID-19: Is It Really Different?

Mark Anthony Fuentes . Apr 30 2020
Cyber Threats

The Cost of Cyber Attacks [Infographic]

Axel Sukianto . May 29 2020
Cybersecurity Strategy

Using Zoom The Horangi Way: Security Best Practices

Nikolay Akatyev . Apr 10 2020
Cloud Security

Cloud Security: The Shared Responsibility Model

Axel Sukianto . May 8 2020
Cloud Security

13 Compliance Frameworks For Cloud-Based Organizations

Samantha Cruz . May 15 2020

Horangi Raises US$20m to Strengthen Cyber Security Offering in Southeast Asia

Paul Hadjy . Mar 24 2020

Tokio Marine Selects Horangi To Protect Corporates From Cyber Threats

Paul Hadjy . Mar 4 2020

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