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Cloud Security

The Importance of Cybersecurity In Protecting Our Future: Why Horangi Does What It Does

Without Cybersecurity, cyberattacks will undermine governments, cripple private enterprises, destroy our way of life, and even cause chaos and deaths. There's no denying that our world is progressing towards a digital tomorrow. Read on to find out how and why Horangi protects our future.

Paul Hadjy . Sep 27 2021


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WFH Increases SEA Organizations Cybersecurity Risks Due to Misconfigured Cloud Infrastructure

Paul Hadjy . Aug 2 2021
Cloud Security

Cloud Security Conundrum Debunked: Native Vs. Third-Party Tools

Hemani Sehgal . Sep 23 2021
Release Notes

Unified Monitoring for Your GuardDuty Findings in Warden Threat Detection

Julia Li . Sep 9 2021
Cloud Security

Early Threat Detection: How End-Users Can Remediate Findings With a Graph-Based Approach

Hemani Sehgal . Sep 1 2021
Release Notes

How to Investigate Access Paths with Warden IAM Graph Visualization

Mito Ye . Aug 17 2021

Horangi Named 2021 AWS ISV Partner of the Year – ASEAN

Paul Hadjy . Jul 15 2021
Cybersecurity Strategy

5 Quick Actions You Can Do Now to Improve Your Third-Party Security

Yang JianGang . Aug 6 2021
Cloud Security

Horangi Warden Now Includes Support for Microsoft Azure Cloud

Hana Fadillah . Jul 27 2021
Cloud Security

Eliminate IAM Security Risks With Warden Privilege Access Flagging

Mito Ye . Jul 19 2021
Penetration Testing

A Pentesting Guide To Intercepting Traffic From Flutter-Based Applications For Android & iOS

Wei Jie Ong . Jul 1 2021

Southeast Asian Cybersecurity Startup Horangi is One of the First Asia Pacific Companies to Offer Cybersecurity Services in AWS Marketplace

Paul Hadjy . May 4 2021
Cloud Security

SOC 2, The New Compliance Standard on Horangi Warden

Hana Fadillah . Jun 24 2021

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