Introducing the Ask A CISO Podcast! Tune In To The Data Privacy Pilot.

Join Horangi Deputy Director of Cyber Operations Mark Fuentes in our pilot episode of Ask A CISO! In here, Mark looks at the typical data privacy challenges and then shows how a security-first approach helps organizations achieve their compliance goals efficiently.

Mark Anthony FuentesBy: Mark Anthony Fuentes, Sep 12, 2019

Is Data Privacy important to your customers?

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) was released in 2012, but up till now, Singapore organizations are still playing catch-up. This problem is not unique to Singapore alone. According to the Gemalto Breach Level Index, more than 2.6 billion records were stolen or compromised in 2017.

Without first solving basic cybersecurity problems inherent in your organization, it is impossible to tackle data privacy compliance by yourself.

Tune into our pilot episode of the Ask A CISO podcast as I discuss how Horangi’s customers all over Asia use our tailored cybersecurity solutions to achieve their Data Privacy compliance goals.

Mark Anthony Fuentes
By: Mark Anthony Fuentes, Sep 12, 2019

Mark Fuentes has over a decade of experience in the cyber security field highlighted by roles in organizations such as Verizon, The International Monetary Fund, and The United States Department of Homeland Security. Mark is an avid consumer of technology trends and threat intelligence and seeks out new applications of tech and research to combat cyber crime.