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On-Demand Webinar: The Science Behind Peacetime Cybersecurity Operations

Can your organization be battle-tested even without a cyber attack? Learn how leading organizations take advantage of peacetime to run proactive cybersecurity operations.

Today, is there a distinction between peacetime and wartime? If so, who are we at war with? Like how a car is regularly serviced, cybersecurity requires that same level of proactive attention so your organization does not need to worry about painful cleanup costs. Services that you can leverage include Penetration Testing, Phishing, Red Teaming, and Cybersecurity Assessment.

Key Takeaways

In this webinar that was conducted on 30 June 2020, Horangi VP of Cyber Operations Angus Thorn and CEO Paul Hadjy talked about:

  • The benefits of hacking your own organizations
  • Steps that businesses can take now to improve their security posture
  • This philosophy practiced by our customer, a leading Indonesian travel agent
Yang Teo

Yang Teo is the Head of Marketing at Horangi. He is a passionate cybersecurity writer with nearly a decade specializing in content and performance marketing.

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