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Simplify Cloud Resource Management with Google Cloud’s Label Support in Warden

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) labels are key-value pairs that allow users to manage and organize their cloud resources more effectively. This feature helps in keeping track of resources as cloud infrastructure grows by grouping resources together, tracking costs, managing access control, and streamlining operations. GCP labels support is now available on Warden - read on to know more.

We are thrilled to announce the support for GCP (Google Cloud Platform) labels as the latest feature addition for Warden. Similar to our previous support for AWS tags, this new feature allows you to manage and organize your cloud resources in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) more effectively.

What are GCP Labels?

GCP labels are key-value pairs that you can attach to your cloud resources, such as virtual machines, disks, and images. They act as metadata that help you organize your resources based on your business needs. You can use these labels to track costs, manage access control, and streamline operations.

Why Do You Need GCP Labels?

As your cloud infrastructure grows, it becomes more challenging to manage and keep track of your resources. With GCP labels, you can group related resources together and quickly find the information you need. For example, you can use labels to:

  • Track costs: Label your resources with a cost center or project code to easily identify which resources are associated with which project or department.
  • Manage access control: Label your resources with the name of the team or department that owns them to ensure that only authorized users can access them.
  • Streamline operations: Label your resources with a lifecycle stage, such as “production” or “development,” to help you manage and automate resource provisioning and deprovisioning.

How Does Warden Support GCP Labels?

With our new GCP label support, you can view and filter resources by the labels across all your GCP resources directly from Warden. Our GCP labels support also integrates with our existing support for AWS tags, making it easy for you to manage and track all your cloud resources across both platforms in one place. To know about this feature, visit our support portal.


As organizations evolve in their cloud journey, there is a greater need to look beyond native cloud security tools that provide holistic coverage across clouds. Tag/label support helps you remove the noise and focus only on a particular group of resources as and when needed. With the addition of this new label support, Warden aims to help you reduce the manual work so that you can focus on what matters most to your organization. To stay updated with the latest additions to Warden’s features, you can visit our blog

Drop us a line here to schedule a customized 15-min demo to see how Warden can help with all your cloud security needs.

Theodore Salim

An engineer by training, Theodore is currently a Product Manager at Horangi. You can find him scuba diving around the region when he is not busy talking to users, writing product requirements, tracking bugs, or creating slide decks.

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