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Threat Detection & Response: Prevention is Not Enough for your Cloud Security Strategy

It’s no secret that getting breached is a nightmare scenario, and it takes about 280 days for incident responders to detect and contain a breach, on average. Warden is enriched with intelligent threat detection for your multi-cloud environment, and continuously provides valuable detection use cases to enhance your company’s overall security posture.

What is threat detection? 

With a whopping $3.86M being the global average total cost of a breach in 2021, we can safely say that prevention is never enough. You need real-time threat monitoring to predict and remediate potential vulnerability issues before they occur. According to Anton Chuvakin, Security Advisor at Google Cloud, a balanced security strategy covers all three elements of a security triad: prevention, detection, and response

Even though prevention can help in being alert and ready, it is important for organizations with dependency on the cloud to find a way to respond to them. Threats evolve over time, making old responses redundant, along with the dynamic cloud environment. It’s crucial to adopt a solid threat detection & response strategy if you don’t want to leave your cloud data vulnerable. 

Warden Threat Detection continuously provides more effective and valuable detection use cases to enhance your company’s overall security posture.

Why you need threat detection and response in your cloud security strategy 

A good cloud security solution will help enable 24×7/365 monitoring of your cloud-based assets to have constant visibility into any potential risk to their business. Threat detection tools will make sure that all resources are always available and will respond to the threats automatically.

By using end-point scanning and global threat intelligence, this feature can help in assessing the risks facing the organization’s critical assets in the current threat landscape.

Threat actors in the cloud typically leverage the cloud management plane and not just the network layer. If you only have traditional security tools that may not be equipped to detect threats in the management plane, you are already one step behind these advanced threat actors. The time taken to respond to a threat is even more critical nowadays in the cloud as it can take just seconds for a hacker to infiltrate your infrastructure to steal large amounts of data, hijack cloud accounts, or set up compute-intensive operations like crypto mining without your knowledge. As manual monitoring is very time-consuming with many false positives and constant management needed to keep up with the speed of the cloud, threat detection is a vital part of your cloud security strategy.

How Threat Detection will help your organization

  • Preventing something early by detecting the indicators of a potential compromise is significantly easier than having to fix it later. Threat detection tools today can identify faults, anomalies, and threats in network traffic. 
  • Your business can’t afford any downtime, much less the major disruption a data breach or ransomware attack can cause. Ransomware, system outages and data breaches can severely damage your bottom line as well as your IT systems. That’s why preventing attacks and detecting threats early can spare a business from having to suffer downtime.
  • Stolen data can be an organization’s worst nightmare. Threat actors are constantly finding entry points into your network in order to gain access to privileged identities. If your cybersecurity program is properly designed, this should take the threat actor much longer to be able to gain this access. 
  • Needing to prove that you are equipped with necessary threat detection capabilities is part of the latest requirements in compliance standards like MAS TRM, SOC 2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, OJK, HIPAA, or other regulations.
  • Showing that your organization has the ability to detect threats across your infrastructure, endpoints, and applications may also be an important prerequisite to working with potential business partners and customers.

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What can you do with Warden Threat Detection? 

On average, it takes about 280 days for incident responders to detect and contain a breach. Warden is enriched with intelligent threat detection for your multi-cloud environment. Within minutes of configuration, Warden has complete visibility of all your account activity. Learn more about Threat Detection and how you can keep your sensitive data secure by preventing anomalies and remediating threats in real-time in this ebook here.

  • User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA): Warden continuously learns each user's activities to recognize and distinguish anomalous activity from the regular, even in the event of credential compromise. 
  • Detect privilege escalation/credential compromise: If someone obtains unauthorized privileges to launch an EC2 instance or to steal API keys, our Threat Intelligence platform immediately detects such unauthorized IAM changes to help you respond faster.
  • Remediate with real-time Threat Detection insights: On Warden’s unified dashboard you can see a history of all changes to your multi-cloud environment. These are not just alerts, but actionable insights that help you stay audit-ready and in the know of potential threats to your infrastructure.
  • Reduce investigation meantime with rapid Threat Detection: With Warden’s Threat Intelligence, you can instantly identify and focus on a suspected asset and understand the full context from both a configuration and activity perspective with associated event severity, thereby reducing the time taken to detect, investigate, and remediate threats.
  • Detect suspicious user activity: Warden helps you detect possible threat behavior based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework. You can detect activity from malicious IP addresses, the use of anonymization services like TOR and Proxy/VPN services, or brute-force login/authentication attempts.

It’s no secret that getting breached is a nightmare scenario, and most organizations put smart people and technologies to work as a defensive barrier against hackers. But cloud security is an ongoing process—not a guarantee, and Warden’s detection of advanced and zero-day threats with UEBA anomaly detection makes it less time-consuming and more effective. Request a demo here to see Warden in action. 

Anagha Rakta

Anagha is a Product Marketing Executive for Warden at Horangi. She is a literature graduate with a sweet tooth and a funny bone, and is passionate about writing, design, and everything Product.

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