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All-New Warden API helps streamline your Cloud operations

The first half of 2021 brought in a lot of big new features to Warden, including the introduction of Warden IAM and support for Microsoft Azure and Huawei Cloud in its flagship CSPM product. To kick off the second half of the year, we now bring in a new way to access and interact with Warden in the form of Warden API integrations. Read more!

The Need- Earlier Vs. Now

Earlier, end-users needed to go into the Storyfier platform and create their own systems of tracking their Warden scan results through one of our supported integrations (like Github or JIRA). But now with this latest feature release, Warden REST API now gives you an option to retrieve Warden data from your scans for use in your own apps and integrations. 

Numerous Possibilities: Amplify your Security Investments with Warden REST API Integration

This feature release opens up Warden to numerous possibilities and automated workflows. Using Warden REST API can enhance your existing security orchestration, automation, and response solutions to reduce complexity and human error. This feature also comes in handy to aggregate and share data for reporting, visualization, correlation, or alerting. This highly requested feature comes after carefully accessing use cases like integrating Warden data into our customer’s SIEM, or incorporating them in an existing security workflow.

What to Expect?

Using Warden API is very straightforward and can be done within minutes. Let’s consider a use case where your Warden scans are configured to run daily at 10 am, then after you log in to your Warden dashboard, you can: 

  1. Add the Warden REST API as integration in your SIEM of choice.
  2. Configure your SIEM to invoke the Warden REST API to retrieve the latest results at 11 am every day.
  3. Pipe the Warden results in SIEM to the Cloud Security analysts for further triaging.

How to Get Started? 

To get started in using the Warden API, head over to our support portal to learn how to generate your first API key, and the API documentation to know the calls you can use. You can also view a step-by-step tutorial here or by clicking on the play button below.

For the initial release, Warden API gives you the option to get the results of your latest scans (including, but not limited to: rule severity, rule description, and the resources affected). Expect new API features in future updates.

Warden API Integration Dashboard

Generating a New API Key


Unleash the full potential of all of your multi-cloud platforms with Warden. The only cloud security solution with CIEM, CSPM, Real-Time tHreat Detection, Vulnerability Remediation, and Compliance Automation capabilities. You can easily get started with Warden by dropping us a line here.

timothy soh
Timothy Soh

Timothy Soh is a Tech Lead at Horangi, working on cloud security and compliance on Warden. He is passionate about cloud technologies and cloud cybersecurity.

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