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Asset Inventory as Your One-Stop-Shop for Your Cloud Assets Discovery & Review Now in Horangi Warden

Gaining visibility into resources and identities is essential for a robust Cloud Security strategy. Read more on how Warden IAM Asset Inventory has been improved recently to provide wider coverage, making it even easier and faster for your cloud security review.

Identities in Asset Inventory 

Warden Asset Inventory was rolled out earlier this year with an aim of providing centralized asset management, where all of your cloud resources are discovered automatically and continuously. We have expanded the coverage to include cloud identities across multi-clouds, so all of your cloud assets can be centrally managed, and reviewed in Warden Asset Inventory. 

For each identity you care about, you can immediately get all their security context across-Warden in a single place. Instead of having to go through multiple product pages to view all the relevant information about an identity. We have got them all covered in a single place for efficient and quick correlation.

Identies tags in Warden CIEM

Search Made Easier with New & Improved Sorting in Asset Inventory

We understand that not all assets are equal from a security standpoint. The technical team is constantly creating, and modifying these assets for business needs, so quickly locating the critical ones among the hundreds of thousands in the dynamic cloud environment is increasingly challenging. 

For example, your assets that correspond to the production environment or resources where your most sensitive customer data is stored are of higher importance to your team. The security team would always like to start their review first and keep them monitored at any given time. This is why we made it easier and faster for you to locate your sensitive identities or critical assets with additional filtering and searching capabilities. For example, searching by a particular “name”, or “ID”, or “account” to locate an asset you already have partial information on, but would like to see more in-depth contextual findings.

Tags in asset inventory in Warden CIEM

Side Note: Among these search & filtering options, we also added the support of “AWS tags” and “GCP labels” so you discover and locate the cloud resources with more of your own organizational context. More details on AWS tags are here.

Additional Cloud Coverage 

Besides these feature improvements, Horangi Warden's team has been working hard on keeping our multi-cloud promise. We have expanded the Asset Inventory coverage from the initially supported AWS and GCP to Huawei, Azure, and Alicloud.  


Asset Inventory is here to help you have a single pane of glass looking into your assets, to flag out the critical ones, and start reviewing all the vulnerabilities and security alerts associated with them today! If this is something that you would like to try, then drop us a line here

Mito Ye

Mito is a Product Manager at Horangi for Warden IAM. She is passionate about building a safer cyberspace by helping businesses adopt least-privilege principle in their identity and access management.

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