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Waterbear Cloud’s Automated Monitoring of AWS Cloud Finds Synergy With Horangi Cyber Security

We are delighted to announce that Waterbear Cloud has formed an alliance with Horangi Cyber Security to provide exceptional SaaS cloud security and services.

Horangi Cyber Security, a CREST-accredited SaaS cybersecurity company based in Singapore, finds exceptional fit with Vancouver-based automated infrastructure deployment specialists Waterbear Cloud. 

Waterbear Cloud’s focus is in providing low cost, growth-ready, best-practice cloud automation that’s secure, flexible, scalable, and hosted in your own private AWS. 

We are delighted to announce that Waterbear Cloud has formed an alliance with Horangi Cyber Security to provide exceptional SaaS cloud security and services.  

We believe that this alliance will help companies find a solution to securely manage their infrastructure, safely handle sensitive information, and meet the requirements of various compliance standards*.

*This includes MAS TRM, MAS Cyber Hygiene, BNM-RMiT, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, AWS-WAF, and CIS-AWS.

Horangi’s SaaS solution Warden provides customers with discovery and detection, remediation, automated policy enforcement, and reporting for IaaS. Warden was recently listed in the Gartner Market Guide for Compliance Automation Tools in DevOps. Being listed as a Representative Vendor in this guide is a testament to the good work that Horangi’s Product, Engineering, and Cyber Operations team have put in. Waterbear’s cloud automation software provides a pre-tested solution that will work out of the box without limitations while proactively remediating detected vulnerabilities with its continuous security monitoring granting full visibility of your cloud posture. Any risky configurations are automatically detected and remediated by the Waterbear team.

This symbiotic relationship will provide a fast, safe, and affordable solution for the cloud while ensuring that compliance with the most recognized cybersecurity frameworks and regulations are met. This is the game changer that small and medium enterprises are looking for to help ensure their environments are kept in compliance.

For more information please contact:

Kevin Lindsay, CEO
Waterbear Cloud Technologies Inc.

Yang Teo

Yang Teo is the Head of Marketing at Horangi. He is a passionate cybersecurity writer with nearly a decade specializing in content and performance marketing.

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