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Zero Trust 101 [Infographic]

The Zero Trust Security Model is not something that can be bought off-the-shelf, installed and implemented like many security products. It is a security framework based on a set of principles, which removes any implicit trust and enforces a “trust none, verify always” security model to safeguard your cloud infrastructure. Read on to understand the basics of Zero Trust and the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP).

It might sound like the new buzzword on the market, but Zero Trust is becoming more and more important for organizations everyday. A strategic approach to cybersecurity that secures the foundation of an organization’s cloud security, Zero Trust removes the possibility of any implicit trust by constantly validating every stage of a user’s digital interaction. In simple words, Zero Trust is exactly what it says - no trust without verification.

Illustrated by Angela Candra

It’s 2023, and surely security models cannot be created based on just the assumption that anything inside the organization can be trusted. This assumption can put an organization's sensitive data and resources under risk of a potential breach and leave your security structure vulnerable.

Implementing the Principle of Least Privilege is a great first step in your organization’s Zero Trust journey. Using a tool like Warden IAM and UEBA can make your PoLP implementation easier and help you spend less time on identity reviews and audits so you have more time for other cybersecurity issues.

Drop us a line here to see how Warden IAM can help you secure your cloud and implement the Principle of Least Privilege and Zero Trust.

Anagha Rakta

Anagha is a Product Marketing Executive for Warden at Horangi. She is a literature graduate with a sweet tooth and a funny bone, and is passionate about writing, design, and everything Product.

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