Bitdefender Completes Acquisition of Horangi Cyber Security


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Horangi Warden helps save 60% of time spent with one-click remediation for cloud misconfigurations in VGI Digital Lab's multi-cloud infrastructure.

Warden has allowed our security engineers to easily see what misconfigurations are there in our cloud resources and quickly remediate them. For cases where our security engineers were unfamiliar with the remediation process, I love Warden’s one-click and step-by-step guides. More importantly, it makes it easier for us to enforce the Principle of Least Privilege so people are only given access to the appropriate resources at the right time and to only what they need. We have saved up to 60% of our time by focussing on the alerts that truly matter and cut out the noise.

Auttapong Budhsombatwarakul
Head of Platform Development, VGI Digital Lab

60% mean time reduction for remediation with Warden in the first 30 days