Latest News: Horangi Raises US$20m to Strengthen Cyber Security Offering in Southeast Asia

SaaS Security For Leading Organizations In The Cloud

Horangi's enterprise-grade security software helps organizations to detect and patch vulnerabilities across cloud infrastructure and people.

Horangi Warden

Warden is a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution that helps organizations using AWS infrastructure to configure their infrastructure according to globally recognized compliance standards, without requiring any cloud expertise.

Horangi Trainer

Trainer is an on-demand cybersecurity employee training platform for organizations of all sizes designed around the Horangi founders' deep expertise in military-grade Incident Response and Anti-Money Laundering.

"Warden is the equivalent of me hiring an entire security team dedicated to monitoring my AWS infrastructure for vulnerabilities. I now get security assurance at a fraction of a
headcount, without the hassle of finding and hiring the right cloud security expert."

Sardion Maranatha, Head of IT Infrastructure, iLOTTE