Scanner (Code + Web)

Scanner (Code + Web)

The agile software developer's intuitive security software that integrates the latest, best-of-breed open-source tools. Speed up software development by exporting scan findings directly to GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.


Code Scanner

The most intuitive findings report you'll ever see

Easy auditing of application security with a unified output from disparate open-source tools.

Advanced code detection

Go, JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, Java, Solidity, PHP, TypeScript, Ruby, Swift, Kotlin, HTML, Flex, XML.

Dependency checking

Identify your open source dependencies to detect for publicly known vulnerabilities.

Secure your blockchain applications

Solidity: Scan your smart contracts for vulnerabilities and best practices.

Web Scanner

Advanced vulnerability detection

Scans target host and its Internet footprint for known security exploits, weaknesses (ie. vulnerable encryption algorithms) and high-risk exposures (ie. port status).

Simulated Attacks

Launch attacks like Code Injection, SQL Injection & Cross Site Scripting to reveal system weaknesses.

Recommended Best Practices

Harden system setup with appropriate HEADERS and Cookie settings.

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