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Warden GUARD

24/7 threat monitoring and expert insights from a dedicated team of cyber security analysts to strengthen your cloud security posture.

Speed up detection and incident response and make the right cyber security decisions

It isn’t easy keeping up with advanced threats. Warden GUARD equips you with a team of cyber security experts to alert you the moment a critical threat is detected. Undertake the quickest measures to remediate the threats with our experts’ recommendations.

Round-the-clock monitoring of your cloud environment

Get 24/7 monitoring of all your cloud resources to secure and prevent accidental exposure of sensitive data. Warden GUARD also includes IAM and application monitoring to identify threats such as insider threats, hijacking of accounts, and shadow IT

Reduce your operational costs by up to 70%

Warden GUARD’s affordable monthly price point with a measurable Service Level Agreement includes a team of cyber security professionals so you save on hiring, training, and retention costs of cloud security managed services.

Augment and extend your security team

Let us do the heavy lifting. Eliminate alert fatigue and get pinpoint insights into remediating threats from our experienced and certified Warden GUARD professionals.

Stop cloud breaches without an army of SOC analysts on your payroll

Warden GUARD gives you comprehensive, round-the-clock monitoring of real threats in the cloud and a team of cyber security analysts who will analyze threat patterns and trends in real-time to identify and alert you of malicious intrusion attempts, unauthorized privilege escalation, and signs of data breaches — so you don’t have to.

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Hear From Our Customers.

"My security alerts have reduced by 30% in just a few months of using Warden. This is an extremely powerful one-click tool that allows me to quantify how my organization’s security posture is improving. The best part is that any user will be able to make full use of the platform, meaning you can start comprehensive cloud protection in minutes."

Sashiraj Chandrasekaran, NalaGenetics Engineering Team Lead