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Taking It In Stride: The Role of Cloud Compliance In Digital Transformation

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Is your organization’s digital transformation roadmap on track?

As organizations embrace cloud-native technologies such as Secure Access Secure Edge (SASE), they are at risk of their infrastructure growing unnecessarily complex and non-compliant. But cloud compliance, while ranked as the top challenge in the cloud, doesn’t need to be an obstacle to your digital transformation. ISO 27001, CIS Benchmarks — which is best for your organization?

Join Michael Lew, Chairman of Singapore Fintech Association's Cyber Risk Sub-Committee, Raphaël Peyret, Horangi's Director of Product, and Bo Si Chua, Horangi's Principal Cloud Security Engineer to:

  • Understand how to manage growing cloud infrastructure efficiently
  • Learn which parts of cloud compliance can be streamlined through automation to accelerate auditing
  • See how you can easily pivot from one compliance standard to the next