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Singlife Leans On Warden To Dominate IaaS Security & Compliance

Singlife is a Singapore-based mobile savings and protection company that aims to unlock the potential of money by making financial services more convenient, transparent, accessible and affordable. Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in 2017, Singlife offers a full suite of financial services offerings (including the new Singlife Account) through the cloud to meet the evolving needs of customers. Horangi Warden's Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution gave Singlife's infrastructure team the confidence to deal with cloud security vulnerabilities efficiently, facilitating secure infrastructure that supports Singlife's service offerings.

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  • Singlife needed a cost-effective and scalable way to manage and improve their Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) security
  • Singlife installed Horangi Warden to oversee its Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, providing visibility and enforcement of security and compliance policies
  • The AWS infrastructure that Singlife uses is now MAS-TRM-compliant and continuously protected with Warden's rules and ability to automatically remediate

“Our team’s productivity has skyrocketed since using Warden. Not only is Warden an intuitive CSPM platform for companies to manage their cloud security, but Warden’s customer service is also impeccable. Horangi is willing to listen to its customers and make the necessary improvements that benefit my whole team.”

— Frank Png, Head of Infrastructure, Singlife

The Challenge: Native Tools Were No Longer Good Enough 

Singlife runs thousands of cloud instances on Amazon Web Services (AWS), from EC2 Compute to RDS Databases. As a rising company in Singapore’s financial services space, staying on top of its cloud security by addressing these IaaS security vulnerabilities is paramount. But without security and compliance automation, it was tedious for the Singlife Infrastructure team to manually check each instance for the appropriate security control, even with native tools like AWS Security Hub. With the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) also requiring companies like Singlife to comply with stringent security standards, Singlife needed a new solution fast.

Why Horangi Warden? — Automation, Education, Customer Service

The 14-day trial of Warden, Horangi’s Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tool, was all that Singlife Head of Infrastructure Frank Png needed to know. From automated vulnerability scans within minutes of setup to a wealth of context for each scan, the entire team immediately became more confident about managing their infrastructure security. Frank was also impressed by Horangi’s personalized customer service that helped his team project the time and effort required to fix all of Singlife’s security and compliance vulnerabilities on AWS.

The Results: Safer Cloud Infrastructure In A Shorter Time

“You don’t know which doors and windows are vulnerable entry points in your home until you thoroughly check them. That was what Warden did for us.” said Frank when he discovered new vulnerabilities in S3 buckets, inactive IAM users, and non-optimal cloud policies — all in one Warden scan. The best part is that his team now gets alerted whenever anyone makes a change that falls short of compliance best practices. And it takes no time to fix these compliance violations with Warden’s playbook remediation. The result? Singlife’s customers get to enjoy new and better features while the infrastructure team maintains its high standards of security that are compliant with MAS-TRM guidelines.