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Red Teaming

Forge a more robust, battle-tested security posture with real-world threats designed to expose your vulnerabilities across people, processes, and technology. Horangi’s methodology utilizes the MITRE ATT&CK® framework to give you the ground truth of your security capabilities.

What is
Red Teaming?

Red teaming is an intelligence-led assessment that simulates real-life threat actors to demonstrate how attackers would attempt to compromise the critical functions and underlying systems of your organization. It identifies security vulnerabilities (physical and digital) in the organization to help your security team improve detection and response capabilities.

White hat hacking down to a science.

Industry Expertise

Real-world Threat Scenarios


Formal Presentation

One report.
All the answers.

  • Executive summary containing the objectives and assessment results.
  • Findings section detailing the results and observations for each phase of the assessment, including techniques executed and an assessment of your prevention, detection, and response capabilities.
  • Analysis and recommendations across the prevention, detection, and response spectrums.

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