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Source Code Review

Double down on your application's security posture with a Source Code Review for an array of programming languages from Python to Drupal. Trust the expertise from Horangi's team of world-class cybersecurity analysts and pentesters so you always release secure software to your users.

What is a Source Code Review?

A Source Code Review analyzes your source code for vulnerabilities that an attacker could potentially exploit on your application. It uncovers bad security coding practices and improves your applications’ overall security state. Horangi’s skilled team of consultants have a wealth of experience with application security in all environments.

A methodology grounded on the Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC).

If one or more of the following points are applicable to you and your organization, a source code review would be wise to consider to prevent bad security coding practices that might lead to vulnerabilities in the future.  

  • High impact and critical applications
  • Acquired or outsourced applications
  • Higher levels of assurance required
  • Penetration Testing did not yield more critical findings

See beyond your best code analysis tools.

  • Injections (e.g. Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Command Injection, etc)
  • Buffer overflows
  • Remote Code Executions
  • Improper Access Control
  • Improper Authentication and Authorization
  • Business Logic Flaws
  • Usage of Vulnerable Third Party Libraries
  • Bad Security Coding Practices
  • Improper Error Handling
  • Insecure usage of Cryptography
  • Sensitive Information on source code

Defend your app against the latest vulnerabilities in all the top programming languages today.

Java, C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, JavaScript, ASP.Net, Ruby on Rails

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