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Cybersecurity Assessment

Start a focused cybersecurity strategy by engaging Horangi to do a comprehensive and objective evaluation of your organization's current security posture across core business processes, endpoints, digital and physical footprint, threats, and all other plausible risks

What is CSA?

Horangi Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA) is a holistic analysis of an organization's security posture with a unique methodology refined over decades of diverse expertise from security leadership and threat forensics to regulatory and legal compliance. By uncovering gaps in your security posture and comprehensively understanding your business challenges, Horangi puts forth a tailored strategy to fit into your organization's bigger picture.

Uncover a cybersecurity roadmap that makes sense.

Typical security assessments place a heavy emphasis on cybersecurity technology only, but the Horangi CSA is a holistic analysis of cybersecurity gaps across people, processes, and technology. So instead of having our customers spend money on short-sighted cybersecurity point solutions, the Horangi CSA process is designed to produce a cost-effective strategy to give our customers the confidence that they are addressing the right things at the right time and order, whether it is deploying specific solutions for digital footprint or fixing processes to mitigate threats in and out of the organization.

Understand cybersecurity as it is contextualized for your unique business challenges.

Cybersecurity is a business problem and cannot be treated as if it exists in a vacuum. Horangi's approach goes beyond the basic approach of benchmarking against a recognized framework (ISO 27001, SOC 2 etc.) that typical service providers use. We believe every business has its unique attributes and challenges, and it is this synergy between business and cybersecurity that we emphasize. The traditional view of simply hardening security is an immature view of cybersecurity. At Horangi, we conduct CSA with the objective of empowering business processes of the organizations we help so they can innovate without fear.

Leverage Horangi's vast wealth of cybersecurity expertise.

Making a thorough cybersecurity assessment happen requires expertise that spans the gamut of risk areas including network security, cloud security, insider threats, and security policy. Horangi provides a deep network of technical resources that include penetration testers, developers, engineers, and computer science experts as well as resources in governance, risk, compliance, strategy, ex-CISOs, and security managers. By tapping into our wealth of cybersecurity expertise to assess your security posture, your organization is able to get a focused, actionable long term strategy at a fraction of the price of hiring in-house security talent.

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