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Smart Contract Audit

Hackers and Crypto scammers made away with a record US$14 billion in 2021. Protect yourself by identifying and closing off vulnerabilities with a comprehensive analysis of your smart contracts against the prevailing smart contract security best practices.

What is a smart contract audit?

A Smart Contract Audit helps ensure that your customers’ data and investments are secured against exploitations by motivated malicious actors that target gaps and vulnerabilities in smart contract code to launch attacks such as:

  • Integer Overflow and Underflow
  • Reentrancy Attacks
  • Silent Failing Send/Unchecked Send Attacks
  • Denial of Service
  • Insufficient Randomness
  • Front-Running Attacks
  • Time Manipulation Attacks
  • Short Address Attacks
  • Gas Griefing Attacks
  • Business Logic Misconfigurations

Realize these benefits with Horangi's smart contract audit

Fortify your cybersecurity posture against well-known attacks on smart contracts

Ensure your smart contracts are designed and implemented to operate securely and correctly

Get actionable insights and recommendations to improve the resilience of your data and investments

What's included in a smart contract security audit?

  • Gap analysis and post-engagement report against prevailing smart contract security best practices 
  • Assessment of static and dynamic Smart Contract source codes using tools such as Horangi’s own Solidity audit scanner to identify zero-day vulnerabilities and eliminate false positives
  • Remediate design flaws and business logic misconfigurations
  • Additional security assessments on your network, web or mobile applications, or web services

Sparrow is committed to providing the most secure platform to enable everyone and anyone to trade confidently. We recognize the world-class standard of Horangi's cybersecurity consultants and we are proud to have passed their stringent security assessments on Sparrow's web applications.


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