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Horangi Cyber Security for Fintechs

In the bustling and competitive fintech world where speed of innovation is paramount, Horangi is here to help you effectively meet your business needs while you stay secure and compliant.

Understanding the threat landscape

Regulatory compliance, fraud management, complex system integrations — these are only a few of the critical issues facing fintechs every day. The risks and vulnerabilities, and the large volume of financial records and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), make fintechs prime targets for hackers. Yet, fintechs must stay on the forefront of innovation.

Stay compliant and audit ready

From APRA and MAS TRM to GDPR, the Horangi team is well-versed and certified in international and Asia-specific frameworks. Easily demonstrate compliance of your cloud infrastructure, applications, and systems with Horangi’s cloud-first compliance automation solutions.

Streamline security management

With the number of third party vendors and APIs that fintechs use to enable their services, an efficient way to manage this growing attack surface is desperately needed. Using Horangi’s end-to-end security solution allows fintechs to react to threats quickly and stay prepared even in the event of an incident.

Reduce costs

Solving complex cyber security problems innovatively requires context. With the combined capabilities of a dedicated team of cyber security consultants and a best-in-class cloud security platform, fintechs can automate time-consuming manual tasks and actionable security intelligence to focus on innovation.

How Horangi helps fintechs innovate without fear

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