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Download Horangi's Whitepaper: Deep Dive Into Third-Party vs Native Cloud Security Solutions

With native tools such as AWS CloudWatch, Azure Resource Manager, GCP KMS, why should your organization adopt a third-party cloud security tool? And is it even needed? Learn the answers to this common cloud conundrum in this whitepaper. Simply complete the form below to download it now.

Key takeaways:

  • 37 billion records were exposed in 2020 by data breaches, of which a substantial portion stemmed from insecure cloud infrastructure
  • Native cloud security tools are simple to deploy and affordable in the short run but are inefficient in multi-cloud or hybrid environments
  • Third-party tools may come with expert support to help organizations manage their more complex cloud environments
  • Organizations that need to be compliant to standards such as HIPAA should strongly consider solutions with built-in compliance automation