Horangi Partners Program

Innovate with us. Target the fastest growing business segment in Asia with Horangi cyber security products and services at your disposal. Resellers and referrers welcome.

Why Horangi?

Innovate With Us. Together Let’s Secure Asia.

Expand your customer range
Add the fast-growing segment of tech companies who are cloud-native software builders.
Offer a holistic Cyber Security strategy
With Horangi’s products and services, tailor a customised solution for your customer - whether a single point solution or a comprehensive Cyber Security strategy.
Fast, local, on-site support in 7 countries
In Asia, with a diverse cyber security talent pool who are OSCP/OSCE, CPSA, CRT PEN, CISSP, CSSLP certified.
Resellers and referrers are welcome
As long as we can add value to each other.