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Produced by Horangi, Ask A CISO is your go-to podcast for all things cybersecurity in Asia. Get insightful opinions and solutions to the most pressing cybersecurity issues on the program from the Horangi community that spans in-house experts and esteemed guests.

Meet Our Primary Hosts

Paul is CEO and Co-founder of Horangi, and is our primary podcast host.

Raph is VP of Product at Horangi. Interesting fact: He's French but has an American accent.

Jeremy Snyder is CEO of Firetail.io in the US. He helps host the U.S. guests on the podcast.

Mark Fuentes is Horangi's Director of Cyber Operations & Strategic Services. He has a wicked sense of humor.

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Cybersecurity Risks and Business Context

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Here at Horangi, we work hard to keep ourselves and our readers up to date with the latest cybersecurity content. Hear from our Horangi tech experts as we go deep into up-and-coming cyber threats, new solutions, and talk about the future of cybersecurity.


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