Bitdefender Completes Acquisition of Horangi Cyber Security


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CloudWarden: Seize Instant Control of Your Security Posture with Faster Threat Response Across Your Clouds

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Revolutionize multi-cloud security with all-new Warden platform features for complete IAM visibility.

Did you know that almost 92% of enterprises now embrace a multi-cloud strategy? And 81% of organizations feel that cloud security is their top challenge in 2021! To maintain both a strong delivery cadence and security posture, organizations like yours trust the human-centric, all-in-one cloud security platform that is Warden.

Join us for this product unveiling from 2021 as we showcase Warden’s multi-cloud capabilities for Huawei Cloud, enhanced Threat Detection capabilities, and stronger visibility to help you prioritize on fixing the 1% of threats that truly matter.

To be featured:

  • Gain complete visibility of identities, permissions, & exposures across the organization with new and improved IAM Access Graphs
  • Triage alerts and findings in your existing security workflows & tools with new Warden API integrations
  • Warden now supports Huawei Cloud in addition to AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud
  • Detect advanced threats and anomalous behavior with a data-driven threat intelligence platform