Bitdefender Completes Acquisition of Horangi Cyber Security


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Using Next-Gen UEBA and Rightsizing To Prioritize & Remediate 2022 Cloud Threats

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More than 86% of compromised cloud instances today are reported to have been used by unauthorized crypto miners to perform cryptojacking.

With so many potential cybersecurity risks at hand, it can be difficult to determine which risks your organization can live with, which it can’t, and which it can cope with when reduced to an acceptable level. But with Warden’s intuitive and context rich dashboard you can easily filter out noise and focus on the alerts that matter.

You will also be able to get a peek of our just out IAM Permissions Right-sizing module, which will help you enforce least privilege like a pro. Wait, that’s not all. Warden Threat Detection is now enriched with User Entity & Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) to help you leverage behavioural analytics. With Warden’s UEBA, you can detect and respond faster to advanced threats. And with an ever-expanding library of compliance standards that are supported on Warden, across multi-cloud, you can also stay audit-ready always.