Bitdefender Completes Acquisition of Horangi Cyber Security


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Enabling Business Continuity On The Horangi Resource Center

As the global crisis continues to evolve, arm your organization with resources on the latest cyber threats and security risks to stay resilient during COVID-19 and beyond.

Cybersecurity In The Time Of COVID-19: Is It Really Different?

In the COVID-19-stricken world, what exactly has changed? What is still the same? We venture into the New Normal of remote work to understand what it means for cybersecurity.

Other Resources

Best practices for using zoom

Using Zoom the Horangi Way: Security Best Practices For Remote Collaboration

As Zoom users ourselves, we at Horangi want to help you continue using the teleconferencing platform securely.

WFH cyber security explained

Work-From-Home Cybersecurity Explained: Best Practices for Telecommuting [Infographic]

How can hackers exploit work-from-home vulnerabilities? What impact do the new Work-From-Home arrangements have on vulnerability to cyber threats on an organizational and individual level? Learn how to protect yourself and your company's critical assets.

Risk management in the cloud

We Walk Together: A Risk Management Journey In The Cloud

Horangi CTO and Co-Founder Lee Sult highlights the lessons he's learned in the cloud adoption journey.

Secure cloud engineering

Can You Build Securely In The Cloud?

At a time when attackers are exploiting any opportunity they find, remote engineering teams building in the cloud need to understand how to overcome the security blind spots to support secure software development.

Cost of cyber attacks

The Cost of Cyber Attacks to Businesses

With the advent of digitization in the business world, companies will undoubtedly be a victim of a cyber attack at some point in their lifespan...

Virtual highlights

It's A Wrap! Virtual Highlights From April 2020

Our Horangi Tigers got busy in April. Relive an eventful month of trainings, webinars, and complimentary software offerings with us as Horangi continues to engage our community from our new workplaces.