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Horangi Elevates Gnowbe's Platform Security For Learning Partners and End Users.

Gnowbe is a mobile-first, micro-learning platform solution recognized as the leading mobile app designed for learning-on-the-go. As more of its partners began leveraging the Gnowbe platform for critical training of their employees and customers, Gnowbe saw a growing need to secure the larger attack surface of its platform. In 2019, Horangi worked with Gnowbe to implement a holistic, tailored cybersecurity solution to meet this need.

The Story

How do leading telecommunications and hospitality companies in Asia ensure consistently excellent customer service? Likewise, how do global insurance companies and auditing firms like Mazars drive high-performing salespeople and leaders? If there’s a secret technique to onboard and equip learners with just-in- time knowledge, Gnowbe is more than happy to share

Gnowbe is a platform that leverages research-proven, bite-sized learning techniques to encourage active engagement and inspire behavior change. Gnowbe, the world’s first accredited mobile learning library, delivers mobile-first learning to learners who need relevant, new content when they need it, right from their pockets.

Having trended No. 1 in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, Gnowbe today serves a growing customer base globally from offices in San Francisco and Singapore. In order to continue its secure innovation, Gnowbe needed to demonstrate to its customers and relevant authorities that it consistently implements strong security controls to protect personal, confidential data and maintain the security resiliency of its core platform.

In 2019, Gnowbe reached out to Horangi in an attempt to find a comprehensive solution to its security and compliance challenges. With a unique understanding of the Gnowbe platform, Horangi put forth a tailored strategy to help Gnowbe get started on its security journey.

Gnowbe group photo

The Engagement

With a thorough assessment of Gnowbe’s security risks, Horangi identified three key areas to address:

  • Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and compliance with relevant personal data laws
  • Security of its core Learning Management Platform
  • Security of its AWS hosting environment

Focused on a cost-effective approach to help Gnowbe tackle its biggest risks first, Horangi’s comprehensive security solution included a Web Application Penetration Test, the implementation of Warden, and the use of CISO-as-a-Service to help Gnowbe stay on top of its security as it continues to scale.

Gnowbe group photo

"No other vendor would invest the time Horangi did to look at security gaps in our platform. It’s been a great ride with them as our security partner. Their Penetration Test was conducted professionally and remediation steps clearly outlined. We love working with Horangi. Their expertise with applications run on the AWS environment is a definite plus."

Uros Smolnik, Head of Engineering, Gnowbe

The Results

Gnowbe leveraged Horangi’s holistic approach to cybersecurity to fully visualize its unique security and compliance risks. The Web Application Penetration Test was targeted at Gnowbe’s core platform to highlight risks such as accessible PII.

The implementation of Warden pointed Gnowbe to the areas in which it was non- compliant with the CIS Benchmark. CISO-as-a-Service helped Gnowbe to be cognizant of its third party risks as it started to draft policies and frameworks to answer to Third Party Risk Management compliance requests from their biggest customers.

This added visibility for Gnowbe’s management and security team enabled data- driven prioritization of security remediation. Horangi presented Gnowbe’s varied risks on the Storyfier platform and business-focused reports. This focus was essential to quickly equip Gnowbe with the knowledge of its security gaps and the concrete steps needed to patch those gaps.

Capitalizing on CREST standards and the CIS Benchmark from Horangi’s solutions, Gnowbe managed to attain a higher level of security compliance in its core platform and cloud environment, and gain valuable insights to drive future security initiatives.

Through the trusted security partnership with Horangi, Gnowbe can innovate without fear, knowing it has done the necessary legwork to drive a robust and proactive security posture. Gnowbe is now able to confidently provide security assurance to its customers and other external stakeholders.