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Horangi Warden eliminates manual security audits with 40% time savings for JobKred

JobKred empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions about people and business with real-time skills intelligence, labor market insights, and analytics through Lithium, an AI-powered skills intelligence platform.

The service is targeted at enterprise users and is available as a browser-based application.

JobKred operates on a multi-cloud infrastructure, with the main application running on AWS, while the data processing and analysis are done on another cloud platform.

“The really great thing about Warden is it really solves part of the operational problems and then gives us back the time, and it creates a lot of educational elements in the system as well. For example, it helps and guides us to resolve certain issues. These are values that are added on.

Using Warden has been like moving from the traditional paper and pencil to something that you can just go ahead and do on the platform all at once. I think the very obvious reason to use Warden is just that using it gives us back the time to do what’s more important while the tool does what it needs to do on the security side.”

Steven Tan, Co-Founder and CTO at JobKred