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Free Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Uninterrupted 100% visibility & a no-cost cloud security risk report within minutes of set up

Improve your cloud security posture with our free, no obligation Cloud Security Risk Assessment. Get complete access to Warden Security Platform for 14 days to identify the most critical security risks in your cloud environment, before they transform into breaches. 

Warden gets deployed in minutes with no impact on your workloads and no downtime. Once Warden is integrated with your cloud stack in three easy steps, you can run an initial scan, and in less than a few minutes you can go from Zero to 100% visibility into your cloud stack and the most critical security risks and vulnerabilities. 

Plus, you’ll see how your cloud security posture compares to your peers with a Warden Cloud Security Risk Assessment Report, calculated by analyzing in-depth performance in various security categories like Compliance Benchmarking, Critical Vulnerabilities, Excessive and Overreaching Identities, pertinent Threats and suspicious activity across your multi-cloud infrastructure.

Your Warden demo comes enriched with...

1×1 with cloud security expert
A Warden cloud security expert will walk you through the Risk Assessment program and answer questions that matter the most to your unique business needs to ensure you’re set up for success.

Cloud risk assessment report
A detailed summary of your cloud security risks with our Warden security ninja who will review the Warden findings with you, hand holding you as you navigate your security journey.

Complete access to Warden
Get full access to Warden for 14 days and immediately get actionable insights and remediation recommendations for your most critical security risks, within minutes of setup.

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Nalagenetics On Going From Zero to 100% Visibility in Minutes

Getting breached is a nightmare scenario. Hackers are always on a look out for vulnerabilities and security gaps that they can exploit. To fight this war, you need an intelligent tool like Warden.

Our platform is a human-centric, agentless cloud security solution that helps your organization rapidly remove these critical risks in your cloud environments with a simple user interface and a unified, comprehensive solution. Made by people who care about cloud security, for people who need it the most.

Integrate Warden in minutes and discover lethal security loopholes across the security stack along with the attacker's view to a breach. Use Warden to proactively remove these risks and prevent them from becoming breaches.

Why is Warden the only right choice for you?

4 security tools in one
Compliance automation, CSPM, CIEM, and Threat Detection on a single pane.

80% reduction in unwanted alerts
Focus on the top 1% of the alerts that matter & abate noise.

From 0 to 100% visibility in minutes
Setup within minutes and let Warden do what it does best- give you 100% visibility of your cloud workloads.

Asia’s only truly multi-cloud platform
Warden is the only cloud security platform in Asia that covers all 5 major CSPs, with an ever-increasing library of rules and features.

You'd be in good company