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Horangi Is A CREST-Accredited Member Company

CREST is an international certification and accreditation body in the InfoSec industry. Its registered members offer a demonstrable level of robust methodologies, competence, and qualifications.

Inducted to CREST in 2018 for penetration testing.

Horangi is a leading cybersecurity provider in Asia offering services from Penetration Testing to Cybersecurity Assessment. Our consultants are experienced in cyber risk assessments, policy development, crisis management services, and white hat hacking on a variety of systems and applications.

Horangi’s consultants carry the following CREST certifications:

  • CREST Certified Web Application Tester
  • CREST Certified Infrastructure Tester
  • CREST Practitioner Security Analyst
  • CREST Registered Penetration Tester
  • CREST Practitioner Intrusion Analyst
  • CREST Certified Simulated Attack Specialist

More on the Horangi CREST member page.

About CREST member companies.

CREST is recognized worldwide as a trusted InfoSec accreditation and certification organization. It provides accreditation for organizations providing Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, and SOC services. To assist security buyers in selecting trusted service providers, the CREST accreditation provides a clear indication of the quality of the organization and technical capability of its staff.

To become a CREST member company, the organization’s policies, processes and procedures (e.g. technical methodology, data storage and transmission controls, post technical delivery) must have been assessed by CREST and deemed fit for purpose.

Certifications for services Horangi

Look beyond the accreditation.

While Horangi’s consultants are adorned with renowned certifications across the board, we see certifications only as an indication of a baseline standard. We rely on our diverse expertise, creativity, and customer focus to maximize the value of a security project to the customer. 

Horangi prides itself on its best-in-class service delivery, with a team of elite cybersecurity professionals that starts every engagement with methodical, objective-focused scoping. Our test approaches are always being honed with continuous learning and the latest industry research, and our report recommendations are tailored in accordance with the customer’s risk appetite and environment.

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