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Stay Continuously Defensible With Horangi's Offensive Cybersecurity Solutions

There is now no single best cybersecurity solution for your organization. As cyber attacks grow more sophisticated, your organization needs proactive, intentional, and offensive-minded cybersecurity to identify security risks in your business critical systems and addressing them before they can be exploited.

Penetration Testing

Uncover critical vulnerabilities and security holes in your network, applications, and services with Horangi's CREST-accredited penetration testers who have deep expertise across a wide spectrum of cybersecurity disciplines. Start hardening your cybersecurity today.

Spear Phishing

With phishing as the leading cause of data breaches, intentional spear phishing exercises are a cost-efficient risk mitigation measure for organizations to strengthen the weakest link in their security posture. See why customers incorporate Horangi's unique phishing simulations into their cybersecurity strategy.

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Strategic Services

Holistic methodology that tackles the cybersecurity problem at its core to help organizations accelerate their security maturity.

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Cybersecurity Assessment

Holistic analysis of your organization's security posture to uncover gaps that run far beyond just cybersecurity technology.

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Empower your organization to execute security strategies that spans business leaders, executives, and third parties.