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Upcoming Webinar:

Up Your Cloud Security Threat Detection Game

Staying on top of misconfigurations, suspicious activity and threats across multiple clouds is difficult. Amid all the alerts, which ones actually pose a real threat? How can you quickly and efficiently investigate threats with cloud tools? There are too many questions and few simple solutions to combat these security risks.

It’s time for a fresh approach to unify multi-cloud security. In this webinar, learn as our in-house experts walk you through an approach that is radically simple to run and scale with Warden Threat Detection.

22 July 2021, Thursday, 11AM (UTC +8)

Learn about Warden's newest capabilities at the webinar:

Identify new threats immediately by continuously assessing cloud security posture

Reduce mean time to investigate threats across your infrastructure with a detailed activity record (user logs)

Warden now supports Microsoft Azure along with AWS and GCP

Terraform remediation for fast time-to-fix when you’re using IaC

New SOC 2, OJK, and updated MAS TRM compliance standards

IAM Permission Access Graphs to know who has access to what in your infrastructure at a glance

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Meet The Speakers

Bo Si Chua

Principal Cloud Security Engineer

Bo Si Chua is the Principal Cloud Security Engineer at Horangi. Bo Si is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with a demonstrated history of performing security assessments and advisory such as Penetration Testing, Security Design, SSDLC advisory, CISO-as-a-Service, Code Review and Bug Bounty Program Management for SMEs.

Raphaël Peyret

Director of Product

Raphaël Peyret is the Horangi Director of Product. He is an innovation enthusiast with an engineering and international background.

Steve Teo

Director of Cloud Security Engineering

Steve possesses rare combined experience in the domains of Agile Software Development, Cloud Engineering, Build & Release Engineering and DevSecOps in enterprise and startup environments.

Mito Ye

Product Manager

Mito is a Product Manager at Horangi for Warden IAM. She is passionate about building safer cyberspace by helping businesses adopt the least-privilege principle in their identity and access management.