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Hard Truths In Cloud Security (Ask A CISO Ep. 04)

In Episode #4 of Ask A CISO, Horangi Director of Cloud Security Engineering Steve Teo joins Horangi Deputy Director of Cyber Operations Mark Fuentes to delve into the nature of cloud data breaches today and how organizations in the cloud can adapt to this growing risk.

What are the unique security risks that organizations in the cloud face? Is a cloud environment more vulnerable than an on-prem one? In this Ask A CISO episode, join Horangi Deputy Director of Cyber Operations Mark Fuentes and I as we unpack the biggest questions and objections to cloud adoption and cloud security.

If you’ve ever wondered why Horangi built Warden, this episode may help to shed light on that and the role that Warden plays in your cloud environment.

Steve Teo
Steve Teo

Steve possesses rare combined experience in the domains of Agile Software Development, Cloud Engineering, Build & Release Engineering and DevSecOps in enterprise and startup environments. As a trailblazer and vocal evangelist in his pet domains, he naturally provides strong engineering and thought leadership to teams and organisations.

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