Bitdefender Completes Acquisition of Horangi Cyber Security


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Lee Sult

Lee Sult is the CTO & Co-Founder of Horangi. He is a veteran of the cybersecurity field who is driven to find hard problems, solve them, and explore different cultures and their points of view.

Cybersecurity Strategy

A Two-Pronged Approach To Beat Leak & Shame Ransomware 

Lee Sult . Jul 13 2020
Cybersecurity Strategy

We Walk Together: A Risk Management Journey In The Cloud

Lee Sult . Mar 27 2020
Cybersecurity Strategy

Sniper Forensics — Part 2: Investigative Foundations

Lee Sult . May 16 2018
Cybersecurity Strategy

What Is Security?

Lee Sult . Feb 23 2018
Cyber Threats

Smiling While Crying: The WannaCry outbreak

Lee Sult . Jun 5 2017
Cybersecurity Strategy

Sniper Forensics — Gangnam Style!

Lee Sult . May 5 2017