All-New Enterprise IAM In Horangi Warden

Live Webinar on April 20, 11AM (UTC +8)

Do you know who has access to the most sensitive services in your cloud infrastructure?

Visibility on Identity & Access Management (IAM) has always been a challenge in the cloud. But it is now easier than ever to keep track of the users and access levels in your cloud. This April 20, Horangi is excited to introduce the all-new Warden IAM.

From end-to-end visibility of AWS and GCP resource usage to applying the principle of least privilege, get to see how you can configure the latest Warden features as part of this new IAM release that includes compliance automation for APRA and GDPR.

Join Horangi specialists Raphael Peyret, Bo Si Chua, and Mito Qian Ye as they cover:

- What's new in this Warden release

- Deep-dive into Warden IAM

- Compliance updates for MAS TRM, APRA, GDPR

Meet The Speakers

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