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Cloud Compliance 101 [Infographic]

Compliance is never “one and done”. Given the highly dynamic, distributed nature of cloud environments and the fact that the rate of cloud deployments is only accelerating, cloud compliance can be exceedingly complex. Read on to learn about cloud compliance and and how automation can help you streamline auditing.

Compliance standards provide benchmarks upon which organizations can gauge their capabilities and competence in safeguarding customers’ data and failure to comply with these has serious consequences.

Illustrated by Angela Candra

Horangi Warden brings you enterprise-grade cloud compliance within a 10-minute, no-code setup, helping you reduce complexity and accelerate compliance fixes. Download the Cloud Compliance 101 Infographic here.

Anagha Rakta

Anagha is a Product Marketing Executive for Warden at Horangi. She is a literature graduate with a sweet tooth and a funny bone, and is passionate about writing, design, and everything Product.

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