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Anagha Rakta

Anagha is a Product Marketing Executive for Warden at Horangi. She is a literature graduate with a sweet tooth and a funny bone, and is passionate about writing, design, and everything Product.

Cybersecurity Strategy

CSPM, DevSecOps, and PoLP: How Warden Supports the Three Pillars of Cloud Security

Anagha Rakta . Jul 13 2023

Horangi Completes Smart Contract Audit for Hashport, Ensuring Security and Reliability

Anagha Rakta . Mar 27 2023

Horangi Warden Mentioned as a CSPM Vendor in Gartner’s DevSecOps Report 2023

Anagha Rakta . Feb 22 2023

Cloud Compliance 101 [Infographic]

Anagha Rakta . Feb 10 2023
Cyber Threats

What We Learned from the Biggest Data Breaches of 2022

Anagha Rakta . Jan 19 2023
Cloud Security

Zero Trust 101 [Infographic]

Anagha Rakta . Jan 12 2023

How to Combat Alert Fatigue with Horangi Warden for Fastest Path to Compliance & Monitoring

Anagha Rakta . Sep 28 2022
Cyber Threats

Threat Detection & Response: Prevention is Not Enough for your Cloud Security Strategy

Anagha Rakta . Sep 13 2022

Horangi Warden Helps Pave the Way for the Launch of Bank Islam’s Digital Banking Proposition, Be U 

Anagha Rakta . Aug 17 2022

[Infographic] Cost of Attacks and Top Threats to Financial Institutions in 2022

Anagha Rakta . Aug 5 2022